Fireplace Installation
in the Clearwater Valley and surrounding area

Safe & Professional Fireplace Installation

The warm cozy heat from a wood-burning or gas-powered fireplace can be the best cure for the shivers during our cold Idaho winters. Out of all the different ways to heat your home, the fireplace feels like the most personal choice, as many homeowners like to match their fireplace to their d├ęcor. Alpine Heating & Sheetmetal is the only company in the Clearwater Valley who will install a homeowner-purchased fireplace. Be it a wood stove, or a gas-powered fireplace, our HVAC contractors are experts at safe and cost-effective fireplace installation.

Often, people will want to purchase a beautiful fireplace customized to their home, as a secondary heat source, on top of their regular gas, oil, or electric furnace. Central heating and air-conditioning is a staple in the homes of Orofino ID residents, and a fireplace is a cheery comfort, bringing the family together in one room.

In some homes, fireplaces are the main source of heat. It is important that the installation of a gas or wood-burning stove is done safely and correctly and poses no threat of a house fire. Whether you are installing a wood-burning or gas-powered fireplace as a supplementary heat source to your existing furnace, or if it will be your only heater, you can rely on the experts of Alpine Heating & Sheetmetal for a safe and professional fireplace installation.

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