Jeremy B.

Great service and professional

Lanae B.

They installed my pellet stove. Very nice guys.

Dana B.

Darren and his guys are great to work with and do a super job. Darren and his wife were very responsive to my phone calls, which is very rare in this part of the state. Most of the contractors in this area ignore your phone calls..

Ken H.

Darren Turner and his crew are very professional and their work is top notch. They do return phone calls (refreshing) and show up on time. I have had them do my service work for years. I highly recommend Alpine Heating and Sheet Metal.

Clifton J.

We recently had our AC quit, and it’s the hottest it’s ever been!! Anthony from Alpine has worked at our house before, I called him. He was at my house the next day and because of his knowledge and experience, he had us up and running in no time!! Darin and his crew are awesome and professional!! Special thanks to Anthony!!

Kay & Jer S.

These guys are great! We called them at 5 o’clock about our air conditioner not kicking on, it had been hot for a few days & we needed someone to come soon. They called me back and asked if a guy could come by that evening. Within 30 min the guy was here & had figured out our fan went bad, he had one in his van and within an hour of calling them, we had A.C. again! We had never used this company before but with always use them now!

Jack L.

We had our mini-split and 22.5 kw generator services by Alpine and were pleased with the service. A quick backstory…last year we had the same service by Alpine in our summer cabin. It was toward the end of our season and we needed a cosmetic part replaced. As happens these days, time ran out and the part did not arrive before we left. This year I made an appointment for service and the technician brought the part!! We live in a small town and the company that installed the equipment just 3 years ago charges time and mileage in addition to the service charge. That was an additional $200. Alpine has a technician that is nearer and they don’t charge mileage. Two of my neighbors requested annual service and he did all of us on the same day. I respect this company for giving us good service at a reasonable price in small town Idaho

Alese W.

“ The two guys came to look at the outdoor central air unit and discovered the fan motor had burned out. They happened to have one, installed it that day, and recharged the freon. I was thankful they got it fixed with a quickness, because it was way too hot at the end of July in my 3-story house. I forgot their names, I think one might have been Dylan. They were my BEST friends that day!”